Novaflash ISP


We called it E-ISP

Novaflash came with a new approach for fast In-System Programming and called it E-ISP (Extended In-System-Programming). It consists of a compact master unit with 1,2 or 4 channels and a tiny programming unit, the POD, communicating through NOVALINK, a proprietary high-speed protocol developped by our engineers.

What are the benefits?

Reducing production costs, due to reducing programming time. Our E-ISP technology makes this possible. Realize a programming system not much bigger than a coin. To safe space inside a test fixture solution. Novaflash has developped a truly universal solution that can be tailored and optimized through the small POD unit.





EASY TO INTEGRATEHYDRA-4+POD The Novaflash Hydra is best choice for all those who must integrate the ISP feature in a fixture or In-Circuit or Functional ATE.


FLEXIBLE Novaflash Hydra can program multiple equal or different devices at the same time, in parralell, through multiple pods connected to the same master.


UNIVERSAL Compatible with the devices available in the market, regardless of the manufacturer.



we called it NOVALINK!

NOVALINK is a proprietary communication protocol for very fast data exchange between the MASTER unit and the POD unit.

Can I buy a single pod?

Yes you can buy single or additional pods. The system allows you an extreme flexibility. Each programming fixture can embed its dedicated POD while keeping a common MASTER unit at the control of the production line.





The system includes one master unit, one or more pod units (depending on the master model), the programming driver for your device, the PC software interface.


Becoming Novaflash customer you will have free access to documentation and up-to-date downloadable files from a reserved web area.



  • MCUs, Serial Memories, CPLDs with JTAG, SPI, I2C, BDM, ICSP, SWD, DAP, UART, ISSP, SBW, CSI, etc. protocols.
  • Host Interface: 1Gbps LAN, isolated RS232.
  • Standalone mode with isolated Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) interface.
  • Dinamic Link Library (DLL) available for easy software integration with LabView© and Visual C/C++
  • Novalink transfer rate (Master – POD): 1Gbps.
  • 7 digital I/O lines, 1 analog/digital I/O line.
  • Target supply voltage and current measurements. Target I/O voltage measurement.
  • Real Time clock for log tracking.
  • External Relay Control.
  • POD size: 65mm x 38mm x 18mm.
  • Hydra programmers come equipped with CAT6A cables 3 meters long.
  • Hydra models with multiple programming channels are available.


Hydra overview



Software is included.

Hydra system includes an intuitive software interface. You will be able to create a project with customized programming parameters. Through the PC software, programming the device is quicker and easy.



More information?

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